Over two hundred pages presented in a perfect-bound book featuring in-depth interviews with Ascension Festival, Slidhr, Void Revelations, Dawn of Azazel, Perdition Temple, Winterfylleth, Temple Koludra, Cult Never Dies, Todd Hansen, By Norse Music, Munt, Devouring Star, The Furor, Zazen Sounds, The Senseless, Fuck I’m Dead, Suffering Hour, Disentomb, Dehn Sora, A Million Dead Birds Laughing, Karmazid, Enthroned, Krieg, Werewolves, Graveir, Suns of Sorath, Kafirun, Umbra Conscientia, Matthew Chalk, Malakhim, Blaze of Perdition, Chalice of Blood, Mannveira, Haxandraok and Zhrine.

Published and distributed by Cult Never Dies